All About Thank You for Funeral Flowers Cards

Thank You for Funeral Flowers Cards

All About Thank You for Funeral Flowers Cards



Death is an unfortunate but necessary part of life. When a person dies, one of the ways we show our support is with funeral flowers. If you have organized a funeral for a loved one and you received flowers, how do you respond with a thank you for funeral flowers? The most appropriate way to do it is with a thank you note.

The purpose of the note is to not only thank the person for the flowers but also to thank them for their thoughtfulness. That is the goal of what is written inside. Keep your message short but meaningful. Include no more than three to four sentences.

There are thank you for funeral flowers note cards that contain preprinted messages that you can use. But to add that personal touch, it’s good etiquette to add your own short personal note to such cards. Or, use blank cards filled entirely with a personalized note.

Say something like:Thank You for Funeral Flowers Cards 1

The flowers you delivered to the funeral home were gorgeous. We thank you for your kindness and support at this time.


Thanks for sending flowers to the funeral home for ____________________. They were stunning.

There are many places to purchase thank you for funeral flowers note-cards. You can find them at funeral homes, greeting card stores, department stores, gift shops, and drug stores. However, in the 21st-century, the best place to find these cards is online. Not only will you find the most comprehensive selection online, but you can create your own messages right online and then purchase the cards that include your message. Today, there are many designs and styles for these cards.

One important consideration, especially relevant in the 21st-century, is whether to send physical cards or online cards. When thanking people for funeral flowers, it’s still better to send physical cards. Online cards are a widespread phenomenon, but there are still occasions when the traditional method is best.

When should you send the cards? Ideally, you want to get them out as soon as you can, but when we are coping with the passing of a loved one, we’re dealing with a lot of emotions. People will understand if it takes a few weeks or even a month or so before you’re able to send them. Also, if you received a large number of flowers, don’t try to tackle the entire list in one day. Break the task up over the course of days. Also, ask family members or friends to help get the thank you cards out. Asking for help is also a good idea if you are just too emotionally drained to deal with the task. If you’re sending cards out after a significant time has passed, say a month or two, be sure to include the full name of the deceased. You want people to instantly be reminded of why they are receiving the cards.

When signing the cards, it’s perfectly acceptable to include other family members. In fact, you can simply sign the cards “the family of . .” or something similar.

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